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We currently own several properties in the University of Dayton area in the University Park Neighborhood.  One property, a duplex, is located on Woodland Avenue.  Most of our other properties are located on Jasper Street, which is right behind Panera Bread.  We also have a property on Fairground Avenue and have four properties on Frank Street.  Please see our home page for outside and inside views of each property.

Locations on Jasper Street:    

25 Jasper

29 Jasper

38 Jasper

40 Jasper

41 Jasper

49 Jasper                                        

50 Jasper

56 Jasper

57 Jasper

63 Jasper

65 Jasper


Locations on Woodland Avenue:


48-50 Woodland


Location on Fairground:


119 Fairground


Locations on Frank Street:


42 Frank Street

46 Frank Street

58 Frank Street

59 Frank Street


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